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Space4U Podcast: Laura Forczyk – Space Consultant

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

In this episode:

We meet Laura Forczyk, owner of Astralytical, a space consulting firm specializing in space science, industry, and policy, and offering space career coaching services.

Laura is a NASA Subject Matter Expert for planetary science missions and serves on the advisory boards for the Lifeboat Foundation and the Society of Women in Space Exploration. In addition, she serves as a mentor for the Brooke Owens Fellowship program.

Laura tells us about her recently released book, Rise of the Space Age Millennials. She interviewed 100 millennials to write the book, exploring where the space industry is heading and what the future leaders of the space industry hope to see happen in their lifetimes.

Laura also does a lot of coaching with students, helping to prepare them for a career in space. In this episode, she also offers bits of advice for listeners to use in their own careers.

You can find Rise of the Space Age Millennials online at, Barnes & Noble website, or get a signed copy on Laura’s website,


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Hello, I am Colleen Kiernan with the Space Foundation and you're listening to the Space4U podcast. Space4U is designed to tell the stories of the amazing people who make today's space exploration possible. Today we are joined by Laura Forczyk. Laura is the owner of the space consulting firm Astralytical,…
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