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Space Symposium Opening Ceremonies Commence With Prestigious Honors

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Recipients Acknowledged for Achievements in Lifetime Space Accomplishments, Space Exploration, Space Accomplishment, Space Education and Public Outreach

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — April 8, 2024 — Space Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1983, offering education, collaboration and information for the global space ecosystem, bestowed its highest accolades for outstanding contributions and achievements at today’s Space Symposium opening ceremonies.

Martin Faga – 2024 General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award

Martin Faga was awarded the 2024 General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award for his for his exceptional contributions and illustrious career, which includes significant roles in the United States Air Force, Central Intelligence Agency, and National Reconnaissance Office and reflects his dedication to advancing space initiatives and intelligence capabilities. Faga’s leadership and vision have had a profound and lasting impact on the global space community.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission Team – 2024 John L. “Jack” Swigert Jr. Award for Space Exploration

The Chandrayaan-3 Mission Team has been awarded the 2024 John L. “Jack” Swigert Jr. Award for Space Exploration in recognition of their historic achievement as the first nation to land on the Moon’s South Pole, marking a significant milestone in space exploration. Their technical prowess and engineering excellence showcased in this mission highlight India’s leadership and ingenuity in the global space ecosystem, setting a precedent for future endeavors in lunar exploration.

Euclid Mission Team of the European Space Agency – 2024 Space Achievement Award 

The Euclid Mission Team of the European Space Agency has received the 2024 Space Achievement Award for their groundbreaking efforts in advancing our understanding of the universe through the Euclid dark universe mission. Their collaborative work, involving over 1,200 individuals from 18 countries, exemplifies innovation and international cooperation in space exploration, paving the way for profound insights into the mysteries of dark energy, dark matter and cosmic evolution.

Barbara Morgan  2024 Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award:

Barbara Morgan has been awarded the 2024 Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award to recognize her pioneering role as an educator, astronaut and classroom teacher. Through her dedicated advocacy and engaging educational sessions conducted during her spaceflight aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, Morgan inspired countless students worldwide, demonstrating the profound impact of integrating space exploration into classroom learning and fostering a passion for science and discovery.

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