Malcolm & Tamara Jackson

Malcolm and Tamara Jackson are one of several husband and wife volunteer teams we have who enjoy making a difference together at the Space Foundation. They are both retired and have made their home in Colorado for the past 14 years. Malcolm started his career as a research chemist for Gulf Research, and then spent 25 years as a pediatric dentist in Pittsburgh, Pa. Tamara’s background includes having been an executive secretary, as well as a French teacher for 32 years at both the high school and the college levels.

Malcolm and Tamara started by volunteering at the Space Symposium, the premier annual gathering of the global space community held every spring at The Broadmoor Hotel. With more than 9,000 participants, the four-day Space Symposium requires more than 300 volunteers just like Malcolm and Tamara, who may work from as little as four hours to as much as several months gearing up for this event. Then, when the Discovery Center opened in October of 2012, they both signed on to serve as part of our first group of volunteers. Despite the fact that they do not come from space-related backgrounds, they enjoy making friends and learning new things through their volunteer experiences with the Space Foundation. In particular, they love working with children as they have fun and learn from the exhibits and Science On a Sphere®.

From helping to educate the next generation to meeting people from across the country and beyond, the benefits of volunteering with the Space Foundation are numerous. To read more about the benefits and how you can volunteer to help further the Space Foundation’s mission to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity, visit https://www.spacefoundation.org/who-we-are/volunteer/.