Space Certification

Infinitely-Conforming TEMPUR Material®

It all started with NASA. In the 1970s, NASA aircraft engineers set out to develop a technology that would protect astronauts from the extreme g-force pressures during takeoff and reentry. After several development and testing roadblocks, they released the technology to Swedish scientists in the 1980s. A decade of extensive research and refinements to the NASA material resulted in new, revolutionary NASA spacecraft seating – and TEMPUR Material which is still a proprietary trade secret today.

TEMPUR Material has evolved over decades and is unlike memory foam. It is uniquely formulated to respond to the temperature of your body, weight and shape. The viscous (fluid-like) and elastic (spring-like) properties actively work together – in the right way, at the right places to provide the right support, comfort and infinite adaptability. Today, Tempur Material is used in Tempur-Pedic mattresses, pillows, toppers and cushions found in households, hotels, and offices around the world.

To hear the backstory on the space technology adapted to improve sleep and some of the science behind how Tempur Material works, listen to the Space4U podcast.  To learn more about the broad range of products and to purchase Tempur-Pedic products, visit

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