How to Achieve Significant ROI through Advanced Quality Management Practices

Join us for an overview of best practices in Mission Assurance & Risk Mitigation to meet the challenges of today’s space leaders.  Gain an understanding of how to meet stringent compliance and launch requirements for the Aviation, Space & Defense Industry, and deliver higher quality products through the use of a fully integrated Quality Management…

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Verification Approach for Large, Complex Optical Systems: Lessons from the James Webb Space Telescope

As ever larger and complex optical imaging systems are envisioned, it will become increasingly difficult to perform full-aperture verification of the optical system in the flight configuration as required for the typical “test as you fly” approach.  Full aperture testing is challenging due to both the cost and technical feasibility. As segmented apertures grow larger,…

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Protecting Aircraft in Real-Time from a Launch or Re-entry Failure

The growing frequency of launches and re-entries of space vehicles has increased impact on other users of the National Airspace. Because these activities have a relatively high probability of failure, the FAA closes airspace proactively to mitigate the potential impact of debris resulting from a breakup event. The FAA Office of NextGen and Office of…

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Cooperative National Airspace: Air Traffic Integration and Situational Awareness

An integrated Space and Air Traffic Management System (SATMS) is one of the key initiatives of the FAA. This goal to achieve an aerospace environment in which space and aviation operations are seamless and integrated in a modernized, efficient National Airspace System (NAS) is a cumbersome and sizeable task; it requires full cooperation from airspace…

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