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Thriving on Disruption: Roger Spitz, Founder and President of Techistential

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It was a pleasure interviewing Roger Spitz, President of Techistential (global Foresight Strategy & Futures Intelligence) and Chairman of the Disruptive Futures institute for Space Foundation’s Global Alliance webinar series.  Roger has two decades of leading investment banking and venture capital businesses, advising CEOs, founders, boards, and shareholders, evaluating their competitiveness, strategic investments, and disruptions ahead. He sits on a number of Advisory Boards of companies, Climate Councils, VC funds & academic institutions worldwide. Our interview covers topics such as: Making decisions in uncertain times, non-linear change and systems thinking; The cost of business as usual, assumptions of business as usual;  Disruption 3.0; Sustainability and climate change; The difference between Innovation and Invention;  Thoughts about the space industry and how we prepare to scale and commercialize it; The workforce of today and the future; Predictions for 2023

 “The world is not linear.” “Space is a driver of disruption.” “Space is more a theme than a place.” “Space has the promise of financial returns.” “Disruption is a constant.” “The future is unknown and unpredictable.” “We need to reframe failure.”

Roger Spitz with Lidia Zuin:  ‘The Definitive Guide To Thriving on Disruption’

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Roger Spitz

Founder and President, Techistential