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Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

 Space Foundation education programs focus on giving teachers tools they can use to build skills, motivate students to learn and - ultimately - build a stronger workforce for our nation. And our education programs open up possibilities for students of all grade levels - from pre-kindergarten to college - so that they can reach their highest potential. You can help the Space Foundation deliver programs that will change our world.

Contributions to the Space Foundation support:

Every contribution, no matter the size, helps launch the next generation.

The Space Foundation is a 501(c)3 global, nonprofit organization based in Colorado that has been providing teachers and students with standards-based, space-related educational programs since 1985, in support of our mission to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity.

The Space Foundation welcomes contributions to provide education programs for teachers and students. In-kind contributions could include services, materials, furnishings or space artifacts and tax credits are available for Colorado state income tax.

A tax credit is a direct dollar-amount reduction in tax liability that is not affected by a tax bracket or any other criteria. In other words, a person making a $1,000 contribution to the Space Foundation would have his/her Colorado State taxes reduced by $250 dollars. The donor is also eligible for additional bracket-dependent federal and state deductions for contributions, as well.

For example: if you are in the 28 percent tax bracket and you make a $1,000 contribution to the Space Foundation, you could be eligible for the $250 tax credit plus a $267 federal tax deduction plus a $46 state tax deduction, making the actual out-of-pocket impact on you only $437 - while the Space Foundation enjoys the benefit of the full $1,000. Because deductions can vary, you should consult a tax advisor for details on specific tax liabilities.

To take advantage of an Enterprise Zone tax credit, make your donation check out to the "Enterprise Zone Administrator," noting "Space Foundation" on the memo line. Mail your donation check to the Space Foundation, 4425 Arrowswest Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 attn: Margo Hatton. For more information or to make a secure donation online, click here.

The donation will then be processed by the Space Foundation Development Office and a tax certificate will be mailed to you from the El Paso County Enterprise Zone Administrator. For information on in-kind donations and an Enterprise Zone in-kind tax credit, contact Space Foundation Manager - Development and Education Partnerships Margo Hatton at [email protected] or 719-576-8000.


This article is part of Space Watch: November 2011 (Volume: 10, Issue: 11).