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Art Contest Winners Travel from Across U.S. to Space Symposium

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The 36 winners of the 2013 Space Foundation International Student Art Contest were invited to attend the Space Foundation’s 29th National Space Symposium on April 10. Young artists from 12 countries were selected for the top slots from among more than 4,700 entries representing 45 countries, including 38 U.S. states and territories – the largest response since the contest began three years ago.

Five of the student artists and their families from across the U.S. toured the Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center and attended the reception, including (pictured at right with Chiao, from top to bottom):

Raquel Arens
Air Academy High School, Colorado Springs, Colo.
1st Place, 9th-12th Grade, Digital

Skylar Duncan
The Colorado Springs School, Colorado Springs, Colo.
1st Place, 3rd-5th Grade, Painting and Mixed Media

Ananya Jain
Jericho Senior High School, Jericho, N.Y.
3rd Place, 9th-12th Grade, Digital

Bryan Montenegro
The Mirman School, Los Angeles, Calif.
2nd Place, 3rd-5th Grade, Digital

Vincent Zheng
SKA Academy of Art and Design, Duluth, Ga.
Grand Prize, 3rd-5th grade and 1st Place, 3rd-5th Grade, Drawing


At the reception, the students were able to see their artwork displayed, get autographs and photos with former NASA astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao. They were presented with ribbons and prizes co-sponsored by Fisher Space Pen. Earlier that same day and prior to the reception at the Space Symposium, they were also treated to a tour of the Space Foundation Visitors Center, featuring Science On a Sphere® located at the Space Foundation world headquarters.

About the Contest

The Space Foundation invited students from around the world in PreK through 12th grade to submit original artwork depicting the theme, If I Were Going…, challenging them to imagine how they would personally experience space travel, exploration or settlement and then interpret that idea into an original work of visual art.

Where to See the Artwork

Winning artwork submitted can be seen on the Space Foundation website photo gallery at, and at in the If I Were Going… Space Foundation art gallery. Learn more about the annual Space Foundation International Student Art Contest by visiting

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