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Space4U Podcast: Katharine Forth – Zibrio

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In this episode:

We meet Dr. Katharine Forth, CEO of Zibrio, the creator of the SmartScale for balance. She earned a doctorate in motor control and has conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at NASA. Katey is also a world-champion athlete, and as an expert in postural stability, she has created award-winning balance training programs for older adults.

In this conversation, Katey details the difference between posture and postural control, emphasizing that balance is one of the key indicators of health — and therefore important to everyone, no matter their age group. She also explains how technology used for NASA astronauts was adapted to create this new way to measure balance in earthbound individuals.

Prior to the introduction of the Zibrio SmartScale, without an objective way of measuring balance, individuals had to wait until they experienced a fall before addressing the issue. In pointing out how important balance is to wellbeing, Katey shares some startling statistics, warning that, “Falling down is a very big issue. It’s the leading cause of trauma injury and trauma death. And that’s across any ages.”

It was Katey’s insights from working with astronauts in microgravity that led her to create a balance scale that measures postural stability. She says, “Rather than just keeping the technology that we’d invented just for astronauts, we wanted to save the world from falling down. So that became the mission and the true genesis of Zibrio.”

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