Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 2006

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) AutoSteer

Image of RTK AutoSteer

Improved Global Positioning System (GPS) technology developed to help the Gravity B Probe test Einstein’s theories has found its way into farming here on Earth. This technology called RealTime Kinematic (RTK) GPS, provided the tools to develop the first auto steered tractor. Today RTK AutoSteer technology robotically controls farm tractors to ensure straight, repeatable crop…

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iRobot PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot

Image of IRobot PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot
Inducted In: 2006, Public Safety

Used in high-risk law enforcement and security operations the PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot incorporates technology originally developed for an early model Martian rover named Rocky-7. Rocky-7 served as a test bed for the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity now on Mars. The transferred technologies include high-torque control actuators, a high-strength lightweight frame, and riveted sheet-metal…

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