iRobot PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot

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iRobot PackBot Tactical Mobile RobotUsed in high-risk law enforcement and security operations the PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot incorporates technology originally developed for an early model Martian rover named Rocky-7. Rocky-7 served as a test bed for the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity now on Mars. The transferred technologies include high-torque control actuators, a high-strength lightweight frame, and riveted sheet-metal chassis.iRobot PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot

Equipped with cameras, a maneuverable arm, and other payloads PackBot relays real-time audio, video, and other data enabling personnel to remain at a safe distance while performing high-risk procedures.

Over 300 of these helpful robots are currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan clearing caves and bunkers, searching buildings, defeating Improvised Explosive Devices, and recovering forensic evidence.

The PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot – an outstanding example of space based technology saving lives here on Earth.