Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 2019

SpiraFlex Interim Resistive Exercise Device (iRED)

NASA Image of SpiraFlex Interim Resistive Exercise Device
Inducted In: 2019, Consumer, Featured, Home, Recreation

Long stays in space, such as on the ISS, take a toll on the human body, as muscles atrophy and bones weaken and lose minerals. Astronauts have long used exercise equipment to help mitigate the effects of microgravity on their bodies. But as NASA astronaut Shannon Lucid found in 1996 after a six-month stay on…

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Ka-Band Software-Defined Radio (SDR)/Harris AppSTAR™ Architecture

NASA Image of Iridium Next

Communication devices, such as smart phones and radios, rely on electromagnetic spectrum, particularly the “S-band” portion to transmit data. Given the growing use of these technologies, the S-band has become congested with many users. This is a challenge for space missions especially given the huge amounts of data that must be rapidly delivered to Earth…

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