Space Technology Hall of Fame

Induction Year 1990

Safety Grooving

NASA Image of Safety Grooving and Shuttle Discovery
Inducted In: 1990, Public Safety

In the 1960s, NASA’s Langley Research Center initiated an extensive research program to develop a method to reduce the incidence of aircraft tire hydroplaning, a condition that occurs during rainstorms when tires rolling or sliding along water-covered pavement are lifted away from the surface by the action of water pressure. Aircraft tire hydroplaning was considered…

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Heat Pipe Systems

NASA Image of Astronaut Donal d McMonagle working with Heat Pipes System

In the early days of NASA’s space research, there was concern over problems of temperature control of non-rotating satellites. The side facing the sun would build up excessive heat, and the opposite side would become very cold, thus a serious threat to the survival of electronic and other spacecraft systems. To address the problem, Los…

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