Space4U Podcast

The Space4U podcast is designed to be a casual and non-technical conversation with space professionals telling their part of the space story and explaining how human explorers are learning about the universe that surrounds us. This podcast will inspire, educate, connect and advocate for greater public appreciation of what people around the globe are doing to make us all smarter about space.

Recent Space4U Episodes

Episode 1: Lou Ramon – An Old Fashioned Spaceman

Meet Lou Ramon, an old fashioned spaceman in this episode of Space4U. Take an insider view of the Apollo 11 mission and find out what kind of candy was smuggled into space.

Episode 2: Bill Ingalls - NASA Photographer

Meet NASA photographer Bill Ingalls in this episode of Space4U. Find out what it takes to photograph the iconic images that tell the story of space travel and what happens to a DSLR camera after a grass fire ignites post launch.

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